Halloween games & tips for the Halloween party

The eerily beautiful festival of ghosts has long since become a welcome occasion for us to throw a proper party.

Not only children and adolescents, adults too like to put on Halloween costumes and celebrate the night when the gates to the spirit world open, according to legend. On Adventure Friendship there are many creative ideas for organizing a Halloween party for children and special Halloween party ideas for adults.

At Adventure Friendship there are new tips and Halloween ideas to discover every year, from the best costumes for a Halloween party to original DIY decorations. There are also recipes for a deliciously diabolical Halloween feast with creepy ingredients from the cauldron. Of course, special activities, such as Halloween games, are also very important for a good Halloween party so that the guests will remember this Halloween party for a long time.

Craft ideas for Halloween

Traditionally, pumpkins with wonderfully horrific grimacing faces are carved on Halloween, but you can also make many other decorative objects yourself.

At Adventure Friendship there are instructions for carving pumpkins, for mummy lanterns, traditional beet ghost lanterns, and many other Halloween ideas for decoration.

Halloween games

Halloween games ensure the right atmosphere at every Halloween party. Since it depends on the age of the guests, there are several articles with matching Halloween ideas at Adventure Friendship, such as Halloween games for children, Halloween games for teenagers, and Halloween games for adults.

Children really enjoy games such as mummy swaddling, the Spooky Boogie Woogie or eyeball races. Adults are more likely to get their money’s worth with the horror quiz or the cruel Halloween drinking games that go straight to the blood.

There are also many beautiful customs such as Halloween oracles that can also be played as games at a Halloween party.

The leisure time finder adventure friendship

The leisure time finder, the multi-part search, not only makes it possible to find Halloween ideas for couples, families, and friends, but also many ideas for leisure activities of all kinds and also tips for gifts.

In this pool of ideas, you can find inspiration all year round, suitable for occasions, the season, the weather or your own mood, both indoors and outdoors, on how to make the most of your leisure time with your favorite people.